Playing at the Live Lounge

April 19, 2010 by warren
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Played at Frome FM’s Live Lounge on Saturday night (96.6) to  promote the album -what a great bunch of people. Anthing to support local musicians gets my vote. Tune in

An Idyllic, English, Spring Sunday?

Sunday morning arrives and it’s another glorious day. Al fresco tea and toast, kids sleeping in. So far so good, time to seize the moment and do something useful – gardening

I can’t believe that the rituals of English suburbia are so firmly embedded in my psyche i.e. the sun comes out, the shirt comes off – commence lawn mowing. At this stage I should say that I haven’t bought any sun block yet, but it is only April right – wrong!

Lunch arrives and I’m gently reminded about the kids grass allergy (lots of coughing and sneezing), and I’m getting daggers from the neighbours over the noise levels. The bearings are worn out on the lawn mower and it’s probably pushing out 100dBs. I did get it out of a skip but that’s my effort at reuse and recycling, but I concede that it’s knackered and we now need a new one. Maybe I’ll get a push mower, good exercise and I love that sound they make – evokes memories of childhood. Actually I like the thought of longer grass more biodiversity (although that means more mice and voles for the cat to bring in to the house as trophies). Jury’s out on the new mower.

By 2 o’clock I’m starting to look like a Swan Vesta, and have a brief conversation with the neighbours, over the hedge.

“… yes the sun is strong for April!”

My plans for today’s busking have been scuppered by sun burn and tinnitus (might be good for the curiosity / sympathy vote, but equally might end up frightening small children). Michele despairs and I mutter something about volcanic ash filtering the damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Retire to the man shed and bang out some tunes


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