Sad but true – blog no 2

November 3, 2009 by warren
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I’m sitting in the office looking out of the window (second floor nice view across the river) pondering my next move, when a magpie flies up onto the dormer roof within six feet of me. I look around for his mate but she’s nowhere to be seen. I am superstitious, one for sorrow and two for joy and all that, and it’s sad but true that I would normally salute and say good morning Mr Magpie (what a nutter). Anyway, I’m admiring his plumage and his colouring and telling myself that superstition is complete nonsense, when without a word of a lie, the bird winked at me proceeded to crap all over the roof and then flew into the distance in contempt………interesting.

I might try and tempt him back with some fake gold to teach him a lesson.

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