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Fly me to the moon

Rocket Man

I've never been a huge Elton John fan, but last week I was persuaded to go and see Rocket Man. To my surprise I really enjoyed it. Elton John is clearly a very talented artist, but sadly it seems like he's another one that got shafted by a scumbag manager intent on massaging his ego, and milking him for all he was worth - money,money, money. Not sure about the accuracy of the plot but seems like his parents didn't help him a great deal - all credit to granny though.

I thought Taron Egerton was well cast and I really liked the tone of his voice (and he can ski jump?). Part of me thinks Jamie Cullum might have been a good choice for the lead role though. I would recommend that you go and see it.

RIP Dr John

Sad to hear about the passing of Dr John - I like anything a little bit leftfield, and his funky voodoo New Oleans blues was certainly that. From what I know he lived fast, partied hard and pushed things to the limit. If you're not familiar with his work I would recommend that you check out Creole Moon

New music

I've got two more albums almost finished, that should be ready for you in the next couple of months. The first, Emansynchopation is a soul, disco affair, and whilst it is currently a studio project it would be great fun to put a band together with full on horns, strings, percussion and lots of backing vocals etc

Speak soon

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